Wednesday, May 20, 2009

WHAT is creativity/career/life coaching?

Creativity is an essential part of every person's everyday life. Although mass media and spectator activity of all sorts would have us feel otherwise, we are all creative beings. Creativity is a primary means of expressing ourselves to the world, and a primary tool for self-knowledge and personal growth. As a way of interacting with the world, it is a spiritual path in and of itself. My mission is to fully express my own creativity and to help others to grow into the full expression of their own wonderful, unique creative gifts.

My business, Foxhollow Studio, offers individual and small-group creativity, career and life coaching services as well as workshops, retreats, and seminars in creativity and the creative process. These services can benefit people interested in exploring their own creativity on whatever level,whether people who do not think of themselves as particularly creative, or professional artists who wish to jump-start or re-energize their creativity.

These services are especially designed to help any artist who is in the creative doldrums, for whom a gentle nudge in the right direction can provide a way though a dry spell. The way to higher creativity is, unsurprisingly, through practice. I've experienced enough of the doldrums to know that consistently showing up and doing the work is what gets me through, and I've found that this is a useful life lesson as well. Creative practice is a way of doing this where the risks are quite low and the potential rewards are great.

Foxhollow Studio also offers traditional and non-traditional private and group music lessons. Please ask about my one-day Music Exploration workshop for adults, which provides a full day to explore your creative process through simple, fun music activities which include drumming, singing and songwriting. Each of these workshops will be tailored to the needs and wishes of participants, so content will vary. All services of Foxhollow Studio are available with sliding scale and multiple payment options, so that they will be affordable for everyone.

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