Thursday, November 13, 2008

This may be a somewhat different sort of blog. It is personal, but it is also an invitation to explore and talk about creative process and how it affects our entire life experience. It may be a good place to talk about quality of life issues, about choice, about how our choices affect us and the planet. It isn’t intended to be preachy in any way, it’s just a conversation (I hope).
I hope that it's a good place to muse about our choices, individually and as a culture. What am I doing out of habit that doesn't affect my quality of life at all, but which could have a negative impact on the planet and on my own well-being? Even if it's something as simple as switching light bulbs to CFLs, a whole community of individuals making those kinds of choices can tremendously change our world for the better. 

It’s my experience that the more clearly we can understand what it is that we want, the more likely we are to have it in our lives. It’s not, I think, so much a question of “manifesting“ or “inviting“ as it is of simply paying attention, giving focus to what you want. Much has been written that makes this process sound mysterious, magical or manipulative - I think it’s a great deal simpler than that. It is hard to overemphasize the power of noticing, of attention, of mindfulness around choice.
I have found that, especially for women of my generation and the earlier generation, we simply have no foundation to look at what it is that we want in our lives. We weren’t raised – many of us – with the understading that we could think about what we want in our lives and take what steps we need to get it, honestly and without manipulation. It is far too easy, I’ve found, to blame others for our own inability to create the life we want. We need to get around that resentment and take responsibility for our own happiness. We need to be whole people.

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